O Maa Mariyam

A music collage assembled, under the name Soeur Orfeo, in 2021.


A garland is a realization device, a memory palace, a support for contemplation.
The spirit makes use of whatever it can.
I gathered the material for this garland from the twenty-one works listed below.
A voice said: Only when a word is hollow can you sing with it.
Also: Not what it is, but what it isn’t, is what it is.
When we were learning the
proprietates nominum we noticed that the one thing cooler than braiding is unbraiding.

Éliane Radigue – Kyema (Intermediate States) | Cocteau Twins – Cherry-Coloured Funk (Otherness) | Jon Hopkins – Tayos Caves, Ecuador I | Ayush Attri Sharma – Hare Krishna (Pop Style) | Alice Coltrane – An Introduction | Hilight Tribe – Free Tibet | Sarah Vaughan – Maria | Ashra – Deep Distance | Pierre Bec – Sextine (Arnaud Daniel) | Karol G – Ay, Dios Mío! | ??? – O Maa Mariyam | Centro Mariano de Figueira – Ave Maria (Árabe) | John Holloway – Aria, Rosary Sonata VI (Biber) | Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes | Elizeth Cardoso – Manhã de Carnaval | Popol Vuh – Strofa 1 + Nascita dell’ape | Mariah Carey – I Want to Know What Love Is | Khenpo Pema Choephel Rinpoche – Om Ma Nye Bhe Mae Ho | ??? – GR-PH-Gyaling-2 | Bad Boys Blue – Queen of Hearts | Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band – Across the Rolling Hills (Padmasambhava)